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After learning that my daughter’s Celiac was severe, we did everything we could to get to get her healthy.

But everything we tried wasn’t working.

Yes she was growing and gaining some weight, but she was still in pain and her numbers wouldn’t go down to the normal range. We decided we would start a hunt for a service dog.
Little did I know back at the end of 2014 that it would be very difficult.

I finally found Kathy, Owner of Nosey Dog Detection Partners. She was the first in the US to use her method and be successful in training a gluten detection dog. We decided in 2015 to travel to Michigan to meet Kathy and experience her training and meet a gluten detection service dog.

Our Journey started with a border collie named Simba. At first, Simba was doing amazing at his training however, as the training progressed he wasn’t successful.

Did you know that more than 75% of dogs that enter into service dog training fail? Not every dog is cut out to be a service dog.
They have to have a driven personality as well as be consistent.

As unfortunate as it was that Simba was not successful, were we thankful that we didn’t receive a service dog that wasn’t consistent to protect our daughter.  We were now on the hunt to find another suitable service dog.

Then Kathy found Patty.

When Patty turned 8 weeks old, she went to start her training with Kathy. For the next year, Kathy worked with Patty and we would get updates with videos. We anxiously awaited Patty’s arrival.

February 2017 finally came!

When we met Kathy and Patty at the airport, Patty and Sami had an immediate bond. The girls learned to work together as handler and K9. Since then Patty has saved our girl from gluten so many times.

Sami has flourished, her numbers are down and she is a healthy thriving teenager. We are forever grateful to Kathy. Patty has changed our lives and allowed Sami to feel safe when eating foods.

The anxiety from eating is gone because she puts her trust in her companion to keep her safe. We love Patty!
To learn more about Nosey Dog Detection Partners, visit their website:



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